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The Puppies 09/10

Each litter has a theme; it is a fun way to identify and to differentiate each litter. By having a theme you can have interesting registered names. Over the years we have had different themes such as Hollywood’s great actors and actresses also Greek gods and goddesses. (That litter was born during the Olympic Games in Greece.)

This time we decided to go with song titles from Danik’s favourite band, Canadian progressive rock trio Rush. Therefore, all the puppies will have registered names in reference to songs from 1974 to 1984. Fans like Danik believe this period was their most creative.

Briana and Orion’s litter was carefully planned and desired. We are excited about the combination and we hope they will be a quality addition to the breed.


Week 5: The Boys

m-b-5s-profile-21 m-gold-5s-face1 m-c-5s-face1
Sevenbeauty Closer to the Heart “Lee” 5 weeks - Wavy Sevenbeauty Tom Sawyer “Louko”  5 weeks – Wavy Sevenbeauty Xanadu “Jim”         5 weeks – Wavy
m-g-5s-face2 m-w-5s-profile1  
Sevenbeauty Camera Eye “Indy”   5 weeks – Curly Sevenbeauty Lakeside Park “Lake”  5 weeks – Curly  

Week 5: The Girls

f-b-5s-profile2 f-g-5s-profile1 f-v-5s-stack-11
Sevenbeauty Temples of Syrinx “Carbone”  5 weeks - Wavy Sevenbeauty Making Memories “Maya” 5 weeks - Wavy Sevenbeauty Finding my Way “Niska”  5 weeks - Wavy
f-r-5s-face1 f-w-5s-profile-22  
Sevenbeauty Red Sector A “Cachou”  5 weeks - Curly Sevenbeauty Spririt of Radio “Folie”  5 weeks - Curly  

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