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Puppies: The Next Litter

We believe in placing the right puppy in the right home. All pet puppies are placed on spay/neuter contract and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. Pups are traditionally placed between the age of 8 and 10 weeks. All vaccinated and de-wormed and have been microchipped prior to leaving for their new new home.

The following tests are recommended by the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada (PWDCC) and the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America (PWDCA). Gwyneth’s health test results are available below.

1. OFA 2. GM-1 3. ERC 4. Opti-Gen 5. JDCM
Good Normal BP PW-EYE1608 Normal BP 1-1 NBP

For Gwyneth’s (Can Ch Sevenbeaty’s Iron Lady) health testing results, click here.

For Pedro’s (BIS Can/Am GCh Seabury’s Final Voyage, AOMx3 AOE) health testing results click here.

Below, you will find pictures of Gwyneth and Pedro in the photo gallery. They are the parents of the coming litter due mid March 2016.

For more information concerning our future puppies, we would invite you to send us a message via the form below or by phone.  

(Please tell us when it would suit you best to call)

** It is important to note that your information will not be shared with any parties.

If you are not comfortable by leaving your information via Internet, but still interested in having more information about this up coming litter, you can call Jennifer at the following number:

Jennifer Byers : 514-773-9376