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Our Breeding Philosophy

The Sevenbeauty’s breedings are based on a simple philosophy – to produce the next great champion while respecting the heritage and the health issues of the breed.   

All the dogs are bred in a family environment. Very few litters have been produced since 1996. As of today, we have had only five litters. But in each of them we have had multi champions’ whether it is in conformation, agility or obedience. Each litter is carefully planed in advance with no details left aside. Our goal is not to increase the Portuguese Water Dog population but to add quality animals that could possibly contribute to its riche history.  

The champion that we are looking for in each litter does not just happen. It is essential to do parental testing recommended by the Portuguese Water Dog Clubs of Canada and America prior to breeding. It is our duty to stay appraised with the latest health tests available. We are trying to insure a long and healthy life for our puppies. 

As for the adoption, we believe the combination of the puppy and its new home is the first crucial step of it’s life. Therefore we believe that it is better to combine the right puppy with the right family. Through the adoption process we like to work with the families to guiding them to insure everyone’s well being.

Each puppy leaves for his new home registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, vaccinated and microchiped. At that point the puppy is ready for the adventure of life.